COVID-19 Update

To all guests,

As we are sure you all know, the time has come for us to reopen our doors and welcome you back into our chairs. While we are very excited to be back doing what we love, we would like to take the time to outline some expectations for rescheduling and procedures to be aware of when coming to the salon. Please take a moment to read through the following information:

• As the provincial government has announced, we will be reopening on Wednesday June 30. Due to the Stat Holiday, we are legally obliged to be closed on July 1.

• Online appointment requests have been temporarily disabled, this is to allow us to catch up on all outstanding appointment requests. We will reactivate this feature once we feel that we can accommodate new requests.

• Please keep in mind that we have over 1000 guests to reach out to prior to reopening. Please understand that this takes time, and we ask for your patience and understanding during this process.

• We will begin rescheduling all appointments this weekend, please keep an eye on your phones and/or email if you are waiting for a call from us.

• As previously mentioned, all missed appointments will be rescheduled first, in the order that they were missed, we kindly ask that you do not call or email us for updates on rescheduling at this time. If you had an appointment booked or have emailed to be added to the callback list, please know that you are on the list and we will be in touch, and while we love to hear from you all these calls can be time consuming and ultimately slow down our rescheduling process. Any specific requests regarding your availability, stylist, services, etc. can be discussed over the phone at time of booking.

• We cannot make exceptions regarding the order that guests will be rescheduled in, it is only fair to all guests that we reschedule based on when an appointment was missed and we ask for your understanding of this procedure.

• Please know that we are working diligently to schedule all guests as soon as possible, and while we are doing our best to accommodate any date/time requests, we have rules that we must follow and these will limit our booking ability.

• According to government regulations, our salon capacity is a total of FIVE PEOPLE – this includes all staff, this means we are extremely limited with the number of guests we can have in our chairs. What this means for guests is that it will take longer for us to catch up with all missed appointments, we ask for your patience and understanding during this time. Please remember that this is government regulated and we have no wiggle room with our capacity.

• Due to this capacity limitation, we will ask that all guests wait in the front vestibule of the salon until the door is opened for you and that all guests attend their appointment alone. Our salon door, the second door as you enter the salon, will remain closed in between clients to ensure we are never over our capacity.

• We will have one stylist working at a time, which means that each stylist will be available for two evenings each week, please keep this in mind when we reach out for booking. If you require a specific time this may lengthen your wait time for an appointment. Again, we ask for your understanding during this time.

• We are very excited to have Alyssa back after a short Maternity Leave. Alyssa will be returning to the salon on a very limited schedule. Those that wish to book with Alyssa please know that her available dates will be in place until further notice, and if you wish to book with her there may be a longer wait.

• Please note that we have had a few staffing changes while we were off. We are excited to say that Alexa has had an opportunity that she has accepted, and while she may not be in the salon at this time we look forward to potentially having her back part-time in the future! We also want to wish all of the best to Aliya, who has taken the opportunity to go back to school. You may miss their faces but we promise to keep you updated on all the exciting things happening in their careers! We would also like to officially welcome our new salon assistant, Kim! Kim is a licensed Makeup Artist and has training and experience with hair as well. We hope that you’ll take the time to get to know Kim once you’re back in our chairs.

• If you DID NOT have an existing appointment, and have NOT already emailed to be added to the callback list, please email [email protected] with your name, contact information and service detail so that we can add you to the list. Again, we ask that you do not email us again if you have already asked to be added to the list, or have an appointment that was missed. We promise we are working hard to reach out to every one of you!

• We kindly ask that your refrain from messaging the stylists or assistants on their personal phones, emails, Instagram accounts, etc. as ALL RESCHEDULING will be done directly through our receptionist, Madeline. Our stylists do not have access to the schedule until we are officially back to work and therefore cannot advise you on available dates or any rescheduling details.

• All COVID-19 procedures that were in place prior to shutdown will remain the same moving forward. This includes temperature checks, masks and sanitation procedures.

Look forward to seeing you in the salon soon,

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